Saturday, 16 September 2017

Joseph's Coat

Joseph's Coat

Hallo There!

Hasn't it been a great week?
Well, it has been for me.  I
am up to date with the household
chores, shopping etc so I can
devote the entire weekend to
crafting...........!  Yayyy!!

Enough hysteria, here is
Craftyfield with more for her
Fauxdori Book 

"After making my Fauxdori book I couldn't
 wait to use it, especially the Gelli print 
which actually was a fail... 
It needed more colour on top and I thought 
this would be an ideal base for Gelatos. 
I find them versatile and I like to use them
 in different ways.

On the left of the page where I had lots 
of untouched paper I applied the Gelatos on 
top of the stencil 
(Carabelle Studio: Weft Fabric and Numbers) 
and rubbed with a slightly damp wipe. 

This is the "positive" application method.

 I then stamped my flowers (Honey Doo crafts Lilies) 
with Archival inks (Archival Mini Ink Pad Set 4) 
before stencilling (DecoArt Inspiration) 
the words with black Gesso. 

This is so I know the position of the main
 elements before adding more colours 
and stencilling.

On the right, where I have mostly acrylic paint, 
I rubbed some Gelatos and spread with my fingers.

I laid the stencil (Imagination Crafts Drop Screen)
 on top and with a damp wipe removed the colour, 
the acrylic under layer making it easy. 

The "negative" method of applying Gelatos with stencils! 

I added more colour, here and there with and 
without the stencil for a cohesive look

Finally I coloured 2 of the flowers with the pink Gelato, 
which was my initial idea, but in the end I left the 
main one alone as it is just too beautiful to be messed with!"


This is a lovely addition to the
Fauxdori Craftyfield.  
Thank you very much and I look 
forward to more.........!

So glad I have the weekend free......
I do like making books, can you tell?
All thanks to Kathy Byrne's classes at
 The Craft Barn

'Till tomorrow

Mickie xx

Friday, 15 September 2017

Joseph's Coat

Joseph's Coat

Hi There!

Always good to see you!
Are you enjoying this technique 
as much as I am?   I don't know
what I was thinking when I set
the theme!   Just glad it came
to mind.................

Here is Claire Jackson to take
you through her bright and
cheerful canvas:

"The Joseph’s Coat technique usually involves layering
 ink using a resist to reveal an image. 

I decided to try it with paint and masking.

First I painted a canvas board with three 
shades of pink Fresco Finish paint. 

I’m sure I have mentioned previously that this 
is my favourite craft paint because it dries very quickly 
and is great for stamping and drawing on.

Next I added stencilling with the same 
three shades of pink.

Using a stencil with a smaller design I added 
complementary colours. 

It’s important that the paint is completely 
dry before the next step.

 I stamped the Tracy Scott designs on masking
 paper (you could use sticky notes) and 
cut them out, leaving a small border, before placing 
them on the canvas.

I made sure the masks were properly stuck 
down to prevent paint seeping under the edges.

 I then covered the whole canvas with shades of 
green and turquoise, before adding extra stencilling

When the masks are removed you reveal 
the colours beneath.

 Next I stamped the images directly onto the
 canvas with Archival ink. 

I stamped the foreground flowers first 
and replaced the masks as I went along 
to create depth.

When all the pink areas had been over-stamped 
I removed the masks.

I added white highlights with paint pen 
and gel markers.

 To finish off I added watercolour pencil to 
the images, a few more highlights and some
 blue gelatos around the edges.

Here is a detail of the flowers"


Archival Ink: jet black

This has worked out so well
I can see how relaxing it
must be to do this. Thank 
you Claire

Lovely to see that canvas coming
together wasn't it?  Not a hint of
black paint too!

'Till tomorrow

Mickie xx

Thursday, 14 September 2017

Joseph's Coat

Joseph's Coat

Hi Everyone!

Thanks for dropping by.  We
continue our colourful theme
this week with Hazel Harler
who has given the ancient
technique a modern spin:

"Hi everyone, for my latest project I've used 
the Sgraffito technique. 
This one was done on mountboard.

This one was done on canvas board

 I started with a canvas board and a 
Crafters workshop mask.

I scribbled oil pastels over the canvas.

Then the canvas was covered with black gesso

I taped the mask over the canvas, 
this will stop the mask from moving.

Using something sharp gently scrape 
away the black gesso.

The finished canvas: 

Because the canvas surface isn't smooth 
a lot of black spots were left so I've decided to 
do another one on mountboard.

I made a frame out of foam board. 
I marked the board with pencil and 
cut out the centre.

 To make a backing for the frame I used 
distress ink directly onto some white card.

I painted the frame with black gesso
 and glued it to the backing.

 I decided to do another piece but on 
mountboard this time. 

I coloured the board with oil pastels 
and painted it with black gesso.

Then I taped over a mask and scraped 
the gesso away in places.

The finished board glued to the frame. 

I decided that it looked a bit plain so I 
stamped some Tracey Scott flowers onto white card, 
coloured them with Distress Oxides, cut them out and
 glued them to the board. 

I added some metal charms to the
 centre of the flowers.

I prefered using the mountboard, 
it was a lot easier to scrape the gesso away
 and it didn't leave lots of black spots."


More highly colourful loveliness!
Thank you Hazel  It was very
interesting to see the difference
in the two applications. Personally
I like them both!!

In these days of Mindfulness Colouring
I think this technique fits very well as
it cannot be rushed and concentrates
the mind as you do it..........

'Till tomorrow 

Mickie xx